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Following persons are the member of the Executive Committee of Wikimedia Bangladesh for the term of 2022-23.
Shabab Mustafa President
Shabab Mustafa is working on popularizing Bengali computing since 2006, and working with the support team of Avro Bengali Keyboard from the same time. He is familiar with Wikipedia since 2005, organized few off-line Wikipedia events, most notably the first photo-walk event in Dhaka. He is a veteran open source software activist, working on popularizing Linux-based operating systems and open source softwares since 2008. He is a member of Ubuntu Bangladesh LoCo team and has been working on Bengali localization of open source softwares and operation systems. He is a student of Applied Accounting and works as a freelance web developer. He enjoys meditation, traveling, and reading. He is a founding member of Wikimedia Bangladesh and currently serving as President of it's executive Committee.

E-mail: shabab.mustafa at gmail.com
Ankan Ghosh Dastider Secretary
Ankan Ghosh Dastider completed his bachelor of science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. He has been an active editor of Wikipedia since 2012. The lack of information in Bangla encouraged him to contribute mostly in Bangla Wikipedia from the very beginning. He is also active in various offline activities. Additionally, he is an assistant editor of WikiBarta, magazine of Wikimedia Bangladesh. He joined the Operations Committee in October, 2017. Currently he is serving as a member of Executive Committee, Wikimedia Bangladesh.

E-mail: ankanghoshdastider@gmail.com
Masum-al-Hasan Treasurer
Masum-al-Hasan (Rocky) completed his bachelor from University of Rajshahi. He has been a Wikipedian since 2013. He is one of the administrators of Bengali Wikipedia. He also extensively works in Wikimedia Commons and attended several off-line and on-line Bengali Wikipedia promoting events. He is the founder of the first ever Wiki Club in Bangladesh and cofounder of Rajshahi Wikipedia Community. He is currently serving as a Treasurer in the Executive Committee. He is a development worker by profession.

E-mail: masum at wikimedia.org.bd
Tanweer Morshed Member
Tanweer Morshed graduated from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, and he is currently serving as Assistant Director of University Grants Commission of Bangladesh. He started contributing to English Wikipedia in 2009. He started contributing to Bengali Wikipedia in an effort to enhance the encyclopedic presence of Bangla language. In addition, he contributes to Wikimedia Commons and English Wikipedia. He is actively engaged in offline activities, i.e. organizational activities of Wikimedia Bangladesh to disseminate Wikimedia movement in Bangladesh. He is a founding member of Wikimedia Bangladesh and previously served as Treasurer of the chapter.

E-mail: tanweer at wikimedia.org.bd
Ali Haidar Khan Member
Ali Haidar Khan (Tonmoy) completed Bachelor in Business Administration from Finance Department of University of Dhaka. Currently he is working in a Financial Institution. He started using Wikipedia from 2004 for educational purpose, but started contributing in 2008 on Bengali Wikipedia and on Meta by helping with translation stuffs. He is also involved in English Wikipedia and some other Wikimedia projects as well as in several off-line wiki campaigns for Bengali Wikipedia & Wikimedia Foundation projects. He is an ex-member and ex-Vice Chair of Wikimedia Foundation's Funds Dissemination Committee. He also served in the FDC Advisory Group of Wikimediation Foundation as a member. He aims at bringing Bengali Wikipedia amongst the top 10 Wikipedias in the world by increasing the number of active users and quality articles. He is a founding member of Wikimedia Bangladesh and previously serving as the president of the Executive Committee.

E-mail: tonmoy.du at gmail.com
Tanvir Rahman Member
Tanvir Rahman is a university student. He was introduced to Wikipedia in February 2009 during an off-line Bengali Wikipedia campaign at Ekushey Book Fair. Few months later, he started contributing to Bengali Wikipedia. He is an administrator at Bengali Wikipedia and Wiktioanry and in few other Wikimedia projects. Globally he is a Wikimedia steward. Since 2010, he has been working on several on-line and off-line campaigns and events to promote Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects all over Bangladesh. He is a founding member of Wikimedia Bangladesh and former president as well as Secretary of the Executive Committee.

E-mail: wikitanvir at gmail.com
Moheen Reeyad Member
Moheen Reeyad is an active Wikimedian and has been affiliated with the Wikimedia movement since 2010. He started with contributing to the English Wikipedia, then gradually became active on Bangla Wikipedia with the other Bangla language projects and also active on several Wikimedia projects, like English Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikivoyage and sometimes in SWMT (as an SWMT member). He is active in doing Wikimedia offline-working actively for Wikimedia Bangladesh chapter and also a Community Director (Planning & Outreach). In early 2014, he established the first regional user community under Wikimedia Bangladesh named Chattogram Wikipedia Community to plan, manage and enrich Wikipedia's operations in Chittagong. Since 2015, he has been serving as Director of Planning and Outreach since the formation of the first Executive Council. He is currently an administrator on Bengali Wikipedia (since April 2015) and Wikimedia Commons (since April 2017) and currently has 2,00,000+ edits across various Wikimedia projects. In the 2021-22 term, he served as an Ombudsman commission member for the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees. Former VRT personnel (2017-2021), Global renamer, Online ambassador (2017-2018), and Local ambassador of Wikipedia to the Moon (2016). Also worked as a Google Code-in Mentor for Wikimedia in 2019.

E-mail: moheenreeyad@wikimedia.org.bd
Mayeenul Islam Member
Mayeenul Islam is Graphics Designer and Web Developer professional based in Dhaka. Besides Bengali Wikipedia, he is also active in Commons, Meta, Bengali Wiktionary and English Wikipedia since January 2010. From the very beginning of his on-line contribution, he has been helping to promote Bengali Wikipedia in his surroundings. He collected many freely licensed photographs and images, audio files, documents by his own interests, and also managed permission to release in some cases. Moreover he often writes blogs to attract more people to Wikipedia. He feels for nature and environment, works to keep it clean and comfortable, and wants the same for everybody, a good eco-friendly world. He is a founding member of Wikimedia Bangladesh and currently serving as a Member in the Executive Committee.

E-mail: wz.islam at gmail.com
Subrata Roy Member
Subrata Roy is a graduate of Dhaka University. Currently a librarian by profession. He is also an administrator of Bengali Wikipedia.

E-mail: subrrt at gmail.com