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To join the Chattogram Wikipedia Community, you can contact the following persons for receiving help or assistance from the community. They are working collaboratively to coordinate the Chattogram community with Wikimedia Bangladesh.

Moheen (aks Moheen Reeyad)[সম্পাদনা]


Moheen Reeyad is an active Wikimedian and has been affiliated with the Wikimedia movement since 2010. He started with contributing to the English Wikipedia on December, 2010, then gradually became active on Bangla Wikipedia with the others Bangla language projects and also active on several wikimedia projects, like English Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikivoyage and sometimes in SWMT (as an SWMT member). He is currently an administrator on Bengali Wikipedia (since April 2015) and Wikimedia Commons (since April 2017). Additionally, he is helping as a member of the Wikimedia OTRS and Global renamer team. He has made 79,000+ edits on all Wikimedia wikis. He is active in doing Wikimedia offline-working actively for Wikimedia Bangladesh chapter where he currently serves as a board member in the Executive Committee and also a Community Director (Planning & Outreach). In early 2014, he built the Chattogram Wikipedia Community, which is a divisional user community of local Wikipedians from Chattogram Division under the Wikimedia Bangladesh. Outside Wikipedia, he is an author, editor, publisher, and working actively for severals freelancing works.


During Wikimeetup Chittagong in 2019

Rafaell Russell[সম্পাদনা]


Rafaell Russell completed Masters in Social science from University of Chittagong under the department of Communication & Journalism. He is held from Chittagong, the entrance city of Bangladesh. He started his Wiki journey as a reader since 2010, started with contributing to the English Wikipedia, then gradually became active on Bengali Wikipedia. He is much active in offline works to enhance both reader and user in Bangladesh. He is working to found Chittagong Wikipedia Community, which is a divisional user community of local Wikipedians from Chittagong District under the Wikimedia Bangladesh chapter. He has been serving in the OC since it's creation in 2015.

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During Wikipedia 15 Celebration at Dhaka.