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Moheen Reeyad, an active Wikimedian, who has been associated with the Wikimedia movement since 2010. He started contributing to Wikipedia being registered with the English Wikipedia, about eight years ago, December 28, 2010, in addition to being active in Bengali Wikipedia and almost all the Bengali languages projects, he is contributing to Wikimedia Commons, d:Wikidata:Wikidata, Wikipedia, Meta-Wiki and sometimes other small Wikimedia projects. Currently he is contributing as an administrator of Bangla Wikipedia (since April 2015), Bangla Wikivoyege (since August 2012) and Wikimedia Commons (since April 2017) At the same time, he has made over 120,000+ edits on different Wikimedia projects. He is also a member of Wikimedia OTRS and Global renamers. In addition with the online activity he is involved in enrichment-promotional activities for the Bengali Wikipedia. He is actively conducting various workshops and educational activities for Wikimedia Bangladesh. Currently he is a member of the Executive Committee of Wikimedia Bangladesh. In 2014, he formed the Chattogram Wikipedia Community, the first regional user community, under Wikimedia Bangladesh to plan, manage and enrich the Wikipedia activities in Chattogram. He is serving as the planning and outreach director since the formation of the first Executive Committee in 2015. In real life, he is a writer, illustrator, and internet activist.